Fish the Ogmore for salmon and sewin fresh off the tide in both natural and urban surroundings. Excellent trout fishing for stocked and wild brownies throughout our source-to- sea waters.

  Established in 1891 the Ogmore Angling Association plays an integral part in the community of South Wales, protecting the health of the river and offering excellent, affordable game fishing along the River Ogmore and the rivers which contribute to it.
  Club membership and visitor permits enable anglers to target salmon, sewin, grayling and brown trout from the streams in the hills down to the main river and finally to the estuary where these lower beats are distinguished by populations of bass, mullet and flounder.


  Such a variety of species and habitats offer unrivalled sport to the discerning angler and this broad diversity ensures the chance to fish club waters no matter which conditions prevail ... well, almost!
  We hope the web site will be a useful resource to members and visiting anglers alike.

 Wishing you fair weather, good water and tight lines for the 2020 season.



Trout - March 3rd to 30th September


Salmon* and Seatrout** - 1st April to 17th October


Grayling*** - 16th June to 14th February


* All salmon  must be returned to the water dead or alive.

**Club byelaws require visitors and members to return all sewin, dead or alive, to the water after 31st August.

*** Winter grayling fishing is permitted under a separate "Winter Grayling Fishing Ticket" available only to OAA members. To obtain a ticket apply to the membership secretary.

  The Ogmore Angling Association owns the rights to around 90% of the fishing on the River Ogmore. In addition is also has the rights to fish on sections of  the Ewenny River between Treoes Moors and the confluence with the Ogmore . 

  Membership provides you with the opportunity to fish for salmon and sewin  in beautiful and urban surroundings alongside excellent trout fishing for stocked and wild brownies.  Restocking takes place each year.  In addition limited grayling fishing is available in the winter.Our lower beats are distinguished by populations of bass, mullet and flounder.

  Members, together with day or weekly ticket holders, may fish with only one rod and line at any time.

  Although fly fishing is the most common method of fishing the water we cater for other types of fishing.

  No spinning or minnow fishing with artificial or natural bait is allowed on water controlled by the club until the 16 June each year.  

  The River Ogmore between Water Street Bridge, Bridgend and the hump-back bridge (near the tennis courts) Merthyr Mawr, is reserved for fly fishing until the 16 June.

Remember, all wild brown trout and salmon must be returned. Stocked trout, marked with a blue spot can be retained. 

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