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Club Rules and Byelaws

On becoming a member of the Ogmore Angling Association, all members are issued with an up to date set of Association Rules and Byelaws which they are required to conform with. 

These rules are subject to change, should the need arise, at the Annual General Meeting.

It is recommended that all Association members become familiar with these rules and in so doing prevent possibly awkward situations from arising.

For those members that no longer have an up to date set of Association Rules and Byelaws, a facility has been made available to enable you to download them and hence have an up to date set to hand.

Please click on the link for a copy of the 2022 byelaws which you can save on your computer or print: 

2022 club rules and byelaws

Our club byelaws are also published in full below if you'd like to look at them without leaving the site.

Rules & Byelaws of the Ogmore Angling Association Ltd from March 2021

Rules & Byelaws of the Ogmore Angling Association Ltd from March 2022


1 Rules – General


1.1 The Company shall be called, “The Ogmore Angling Association Limited”.


1.2 The Objects and Procedures of the Company are set out within its Memorandum of Association, a copy of which is available from the Honorary Secretary, email: secretary@ogmoreangling.com


1.3 The running of the Company is the responsibility of the “Council of Management”.


1.4 Members of the Council shall retire at each Annual General Meeting, but will be eligible for re-election.


1.5 Any member of the Association may stand for election to the “Council of Management”. They need to be proposed (in writing) by another Association Member and declare (in writing) their willingness to stand. Both elements of the notification must be left at the registered office of the company, not more than 21 days and not less than 7 days before an Annual General Meeting.


1.6 An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by any member who has written evidence of the support of at least 20 members.


1.7 Any member found to be in breach of company “Rules and Byelaws” may be summoned to appear before the “Council of Management”, who shall have the authority by simple majority, to fine, suspend or expel any such member found to be in breach of the aforementioned “Rules and Byelaws”.


1.8 Any member that deliberately brings the company into disrepute, causes monetary loss or loss of company assets or any member associating themselves with such action will be expelled from the company.


1.9 The decision of the “Council of Management” is final on all matters relating to these “Rules and Byelaws” and to any other aspects of managing the Company.


1.10 Company accounts are available to all members on request from the Honorary Secretary.


1.11 New adult members are required to pay an enrolment fee which, will be set annually by the “Council of Management”.


1.12 Any member reaching the age of 18 years by the 3rd March is required to pay the adult membership fee.  Any member reaching the age of 65 by the 3rd March is able to pay the OAP membership fee.


1.13 Membership renewal must be completed by the 1st of March annually. Those members who have failed to renew their membership by this date will be deemed to have left the company and their membership enrolment fee forfeited.


2 Byelaws - General


2.1 Members are responsible for the conduct of themselves and that of their guests or companions whilst fishing by their acts and omissions; whereby the rules and bylaws of the association shall apply equally to all.


2.2 Members must display their membership permit and rod licence in a prominent position about their person when fishing or proceeding to fish.


2.3 It is compulsory that all members and day and weekly ticket holders acquire an appropriate and valid Environment Agency Rod License before fishing and also abide by the NRW Byelaws for the current season.


2.4 Anyone fishing waters controlled by the Company must produce their authority to do so upon request of a bailiff, officer of the Company, or any member of the Company who first produces evidence of their membership.


2.5 Any member of the Company, whilst fishing or intending to fish shall at the request of a bailiff or officer of the Company, turn out any basket, bag or pocket.


2.6 Members of the Company must protect wildlife and the property of the landowners. All gates are to be closed after use, no fires to be lit, no litter dropped or fishing line discarded. Members must not walk through standing crops such as grass or corn etc.


2.7 No member shall take a dog with him whilst fishing company waters.


2.8 No member may fish in one spot for more than 20 minutes, if another member having first signaled, is waiting to fish.


2.9 Only members in possession of a Salmon and Migratory Trout License issued by the Environment Agency are allowed to fish throughout the night. Those anglers in possession of a Non-Migratory Trout License must cease fishing one hour after dark and not resume again until one hour before dawn.


2.10 The carrying and use of any gaff or tailer is prohibited.


2.11 A catch return must be returned at the end of each season on the form issued by the Company.


2.12 The digging of bait on land owned by Merthyr-Mawr Estates is prohibited.


3. Restrictions on Angling Methods


3.1 Members together with day or weekly ticket holders may fish with only one Rod and Line at any time.


3.2 Fishing for brown trout, sea trout and salmon must be carried out with barbless hooks only.  To comply with NRW Byelaws: on artificial flies with a gape greater than 7mm hooks are restricted to a maximum of two hooks with a maximum of four points.  No treble or double hooks are permitted for lures used for spinning.  Spinners and spoons can only have one single hook with a gape less than 13mm.  Plugs can have a maximum of three single hooks.


3.4 No spinning, including the use of spinflies, or minnow fishing with artificial or natural bait shall be allowed on water controlled by the Company until the 16 June each year with the exception that spinning can be undertaken below the Swing Bridge from 20th March provided it is undertaken with a single barbless hook.


3.5 Ground baiting is only permitted below the confluence of the rivers Ogmore and Ewenny.


3.6 The use of maggots and ‘Powerbait’ as bait is prohibited on waters controlled by the Company.


3.7 The use of bread as bait is prohibited on all waters above the confluence of the rivers Ogmore and Ewenny.


3.8  Bait fishing is prohibited after the 30 of September. Shrimp and prawn fishing for salmon is allowed from the 1st September until the 30th September with the use of a barbless treble hook with a gape of less than 7mm.


3.9  Worm fishing is only permitted with barbless hooks.  Worm fishing is only allowed for sea trout with a single worm using a single barbless hook with a gape less than 8mm. No worm fishing is allowed for Salmon. No static fishing is allowed at anytime.


3.10  A landing net must be carried at all times fishing is being undertaken.


3.11 To safeguard fish; any pictures or videos must be taken when the fish is in the net and in the water.


3.12 To reduce poaching: pictures of catches should not be posted on any platform other than the OAA official Facebook page.


3.13 River Ewenny: between Treoes Bridge and the A48 road bridge at Fords is reserved for fly fishing only. River Ogmore: between Water Street Bridge, Bridgend and the hump-back bridge (near the tennis courts) Merthyr Mawr, is reserved for fly fishing until the 16 June.


4 Restrictions on Taking Fish


4.1 Brown Trout

a. The season for Brown Trout is 3rd March to 30th September inclusive

b. The minimum size for which fish can be kept, when measured from the snout to fork of the tail is 10” (254mm)

c. All fish without a blue spot (wild fish) must be returned to the water dead or alive.

d. The maximum number of fish to be taken is Two.


4.2 Migratory Fish.

a. The season for Salmon and Sea Trout (Sewin) will be 20th March to 17th October inclusive except for worm fishing where the season for sea trout is the 15th April to the 30th September.

b. All salmon must be returned to the river dead or alive’

c. Sea Trout (Sewin) caught after 31st August must be returned to the water.

d. Sea Trout (Sewin) below 17” (43cm) and above 23.5” (60cm), when measured from the snout to the fork of the tail, must be returned to the river dead or alive

e. A maximum of One Sea Trout (Sewin) may be retained in any Seven day period.


4.3 All coloured or unseasonable fish must be returned to the water dead or alive


4.4 Any fish caught on waters controlled by the Company shall not be sold or exposed for sale.



5 Grayling Fishing


5.1 Grayling fishing is a privilege reserved for members only and as such, is unavailable to non-members.


5.2 The Grayling season is from 16 June until 14 February. Winter fishing, is from 18 October to 14 February by additional permit to be applied for at the same time as when members renew their annual membership.


5.3 No Grayling permits will be issued to any member applying after the 1st of March.


5.4 Fly fishing only with barbless hooks no larger than size 10.


5.5 No Grayling is to be killed or kept. Every effort must be made to return the fish to the river unharmed.


5.6 Wading is only permitted between 16 June and 17 October each year.


5.7 Fishing during the hours of daylight only is permitted.


5.8 Grayling permit and Environment Agency Rod License is to be displayed when fishing or proceeding to fish.


5.9 Grayling fishing is allowed on the River Ewenny only.




The Association endorses voluntary catch and release for all wild and migratory fish.  Members are reminded that they also need to comply with any Natural Resources Wales Byelaws that are in place.