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 Annual General Meeting Postponed - 

  Dear Members,


         Following the most recent developments in the spread of Coronavirus across Europe and with reference to the latest   available data it seems inevitable that the spread of the disease and the number of cases in the UK will almost certainly surge   dramatically over the next 14 days.


         As a result, the committee have taken the decision to postpone the A.G.M. scheduled for the 19th of March until such time     that we can be confident that members are not exposed to any avoidable risk in these very concerning times.


         We will communicate updates via the website, Facebook and personal emails as the current situation evolves. 


           Best Wishes and tight lines 


            Ian Finylas


            Chairman OAA 11/03/2020



Two major changes for club members this season. 

   A new membership application /renewal process for those who prefer to buy online - see the Membership page

  New national byelaws. This is the long awaited tranche of changes relating to restrictions in fishing tackle and  the         exploitation of migratory fish.


  Please note:

  Once you've paid for your new membership or renewal via the online portal you'll receive a notification via email    from the  software supplier, Clubmate, which gives you a membership number. Once you've received this notification   you are entitled to fish the Ogmore Angling Association waters, i.e. you can go fishing at that point. 

   Please save the email on your mobile device or print it out to enable you to prove you're a member if challenged by one of our  club  bailiffs, your membership card will arrive in due course. 

 If you renew via post you'll be able to fish once you receive your membership card. 



Stocked trout

   We continue to mark our stocked trout and members are reminded that all unmarked trout must be returned. We're   very pleased to hear that our neighbouring club, Llynfi Valley Angling Association began marking their stock fish last   year too. This season they'll be marking their fish with two blue dots which can be taken if they move into our water.















   The grayling which began to appear over the last few years are experiencing a population boom and the river is full of their   juveniles this season, they're obviously breeding very successfully. The Taff experienced a similar boom several years   ago,   large catches became so common that anglers who wanted an accurate count of their fish began carrying tally clickers, they   were losing count without them.

   Whether the Ogmore grayling population hits those heady heights remains to be seen but judging from the number of     juveniles in the river this year that's on the cards.

  The extent of their range in the system is surprising, anglers on the Llynfi are reporting grayling from as far upriver as   Coytrahen and quite possible they'll have travelled even further upstream. Coytrahen is over seven miles above the confluence   of the Ewenny with the Ogmore where their journey began originally and given the number of barriers to migration along that   route these wild fish are fighting fit. 

  This pattern of rapidly growing grayling populations is balanced by subsequent crashes in numbers so if you become irritated   by these gullible fish taking your fly before the trout get a chance take some comfort in the knowledge that the situation will   eventually change and that the trout have a new food supply  with young grayling featured on the menu.


River Closure Announcement 

      Dear Member,


     These are unprecedented times, and the committee has carefully considered the latest advice from the Government in how best to combat this     terrible worldwide and very destructive Coronavirus.


    We have concluded that we should be doing everything that we can to support both the Government and the latest scientific advice.Therefore, until   further advised, the river is closed to all members in terms of conducting any form of fishing activity.


    Please "Do the right thing" and observe this communication.We will provide updates as when this situation changes, above all, please look after     yourselves and stay safe 


    Best Regards

    Ian Finylas, OAA Chairman

Clarification on the current Covid restrictions and what it means for Ogmore Angling Association members


Dear Member,


There has been much speculation in the press over the last few days that Angling could be opened up and lifted out of the current lock down restrictions. First Minister Mark Drayford, made it very clear in his lunch time statement today that in Wales this would not be the case and that lock down restrictions will still apply under Welsh law until further notice.


The OAA will contact you again as soon as we are legally able to open our waters. We are currently consulting and considering how best we can fish safely once the restrictions are lifted and will be issuing further advice on this as and when the time comes.


Best wishes and stay safe

13th May 2020  - FISHING RESUMES

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